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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about
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What are Mondor's Cords?

Mondor's Cords are firm cord-like bands that sometimes form just under the skin near the breast. They are temporary, but often somewhat painful. The most common cause is having an incision on or near the breast, so they can occur after breast reduction, mastopexy, biopsies, or breast augmentation. They usually begin 1 to 4 weeks after operation.

The location of the cords depends upon where the original incision was:

Mondors cords should not be confused with Traction Wrinkling, which can occur with certain types of textured implants.

Mondor's Cords are actually inflamed veins, can be single or multiple, and may be on one or both sides. Although painful, they are completely harmless, do not cause travelling blood clots, and will eventually go away in a month or two. There is no specific treatment advised, but some patients say that aspirin and warm baths are helpful. If heating pads or hot-water bottles are used, they must not be in contact with the breasts themselves.

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