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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about
breast enlargement:

Can I get my insurance company to pay for my cosmetic breast augmentation?

By going to a dishonest doctor, who would then make up a fictitious story about it being "reconstructive" surgery and lie to the insurance company, you probably could. If you really feel it is worthwhile to entrust yourself to a dishonest surgeon, that is up to you.

Having made that clear, however, there are some specific situations where a breast augmentation is not cosmetic surgery, and in which case insurance should cover it. For example, augmenting a breast that has completely failed to develop on one side, or to match an opposite reconstructed post-mastectomy breast. But these are very specific situations, defined by the AMA as not cosmetic surgery.

If you have had a breast augmentation and need additional surgery for medical reasons, such as for capsular contracture, you might think that it would be appropriate for insurance to help with the costs of correcting that medical problem. But you must be aware that many insurance companies try to get out of coverage for that situation any way they can, usually by tricky wording in the contract or by blatlantly disregarding the AMA guidelines. And even if they do assist with the costs, the insurer will not likely help with the expense of putting new implants in.

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